Why Hire Us

A lot of homeowners would say that finding a reliable, professional home repair person is hard. With more than a hundred locations all over Canada and the United States, Oviedo Handyman is surely the home improvement professionals you could trust to care for your house. There are a lot of reasons why Oviedo Handyman are the best people to contact, and we assure you that when it comes to repairing, maintaining, or improving your home, Oviedo Handyman are the people to call.

Local Owners and National Standards

Oviedo Handyman is a national franchise that was built on strong ethics and the best service standards. As we started our business we promised to stay committed in serving every homeowner by providing professional, friendly, and service that they could trust and rely on. Oviedo Handyman is one of the largest networks of home improvement contractors in Canada and the United States you could rely on for quality service at the right price. Oviedo Handyman is active in the local community and is a locally owned and operated company who wants the best for homeowners.

Worry Free Experience

Oviedo Handyman has served thousands of customers from across the country, and if you wonder why we got that much customers, it’s because our technicians have more than 10 years experience on average and they make sure that no backjobs would be necessary. We are the go-to solution of homeowners that are looking for technicians who are skilled and trustworthy. Most of our customers recommend us to their friends because we always put more than 100% into our work.

Home Improvement Team

We aren’t a single person who does everything and takes forever, we are a whole team who works hand in hand to give you the best. When you hire Oviedo Handyman, your house would be worked on by a whole team of professionals, and this starts as you call for inquiries. Our customer representatives are the friendliest, our technicians are well experienced and professional, and our local franchise owners are part of making sure that you get exceptional service from the day you inquire, until the day w finish our job.

Professional Approach

We make sure to answer every call we receive is answered by our customer representative to make sure that you never get forwarded to an answering machine or wait for a call back. Our office staff is professional, friendly, and knowledgeable of the services we offer. You can contact them for inquiries, scheduling, reminder calls, and everything you would want to ask about what we offer or how we work. Oviedo Handyman Technicians arrive in a marked van complete with all the tools and supplies needed for the job. We make sure that your house is treated with respect, we wear booties to make sure your booties are protected, and w make sure to clean up the mess we make right after the job is done. You can contact us for any repair needed, may it be basic maintenance or repairs, or large repairs, and even project improvements.

We have repeat customers in Oviedo, Winter Springs, and all around Central Florida that love the convenience or working with us and we love improving their home making it safer and more functional. Contact your local Handyman in Oviedo today.