Handyman Services

We can help you with any handyman task including bathrooms, kitchens, painting and cleaning. When it comes to bathrooms, we can help with: showers, outlets, toilets, tubs, showerheads, faucets, and moisture-removing venting fans. Any job regarding your bathroom or kitchen, we are very exceptional in this profession. We would arrive on time and also do your work to utmost satisfaction. Our services include everything listed below and more.

Bathroom Remodel and Renovation:

If your bathroom is outdated or bad we can help you renovate and remodel it to present day standard. Enter Job Details


Restore the looks of your tub, stop water damage and prevent mold with a professional caulking service like us and you would be very satisfied with our work. Enter Job Details

Minor Plumbing Leaks:

Any leaking or broken faucets, toilet and tubs or you want to replace plumbing faucets and/or bathroom faucets, give us a call to do the job. Enter Job Details

Drywall Repairs and Finishing:

We help you identify the source of a leak causing drywall water damage to your bathroom and also fix it. We can help fix a wallboard in a way that it goes well with your décor. Enter Job Details

Shower Head Servicing:

If you have clogs, leaks, or any other issue on your bathroom shower heads just call us for the job. And if it does need replacement, we will get you a shower head that works with your bathroom design and your current shower. Enter Job Details

Bathroom Fan Installation and Repair:

Bathroom fans protect your home from mold and mildew issues, call us today. If your venting path has mold, we can replace it with new tubing. Enter Job Details

Shower Door Installation and Repair:

In case of bad hinges or track and leaking water on your shower door we will help you make it look like new. And if it is totally bad, we can install a new one for you. Enter Job Details

Vanity and Bathroom Mirror Installation:

With just one phone call we will be readily available to work on vanity and your bathroom mirror. If you need to dispose and remove your current vanity, we’re very much available. We can also prepare the space for new dimensions, skillfully install the vanity and also integrate the plumbing. Enter Job Details

Light Fixture Installation and Repair:

Your bathroom can be brightened up with brand new light fixtures, we can make that happen for you. Patronize us. Enter Job Details

Tile Installation and Repairs:

Backsplash or bathroom floor, or chipped tile in your shower, either way it is we can make it look new again. Enter Job Details

Toilet Repair and Installation:

Whether your toilet needs a tank flapper, flush valve, or new wax ring we are very much available to do your job. Enter Job Details

Cabinet installation and repair:

We will ensure that your cabinets are secure, straight and aligned. Whether you want to install brand new cabinets, raise or repair existing cabinet we are the right men for the job. We guarantee a satisfactory job, just give us a call today. Enter Job Details

Kitchen backsplash installation:

A back splash gives your kitchen a finishing touch. You would consider our color palette and material options and we will take it from there. We deal with back splashes like stainless steel sheets, paint or wallpaper, glass & stone tiles, etc. Enter Job Details

Custom kitchen islands:

A good kitchen island is the centerpiece of a kitchen. We help to design, build or refinish the custom kitchen island that brings together the entire room. Enter Job Details

Light fixture installation and repair:

It is not proper to cook and eat in the dark, we can install track lights, chandeliers, recess lighting, pendants or whatever type of lighting you like in your kitchen. Call us today. Enter Job Details

Countertop installation and repair:

We are professional in installing and repairing kitchen countertops of all types, including granite, quartz, laminate, natural stone, marble and more. A trail will convince you, reach us today. Enter Job Details

Faucet repair and installation:

You must be tired of emptying the bucket under your sink, why don’t you call us today to repair your leaky faucet. We can safely remove your existing faucet and install a new one in its place. Enter Job Details

Sink installation and repair:

If you need those new farmhouse sink in vogue today or you just want to replace the one you have, we assure you of giving you a new sink that fits into the counter top and operates drip-free. Even if it is a repair or replacement of your garbage disposal we are available to do just that. Patronize us today. Enter Job Details

Kitchen remodel and renovation:

We can remodel your kitchen for you. Do you need painting, carpentry, flooring or whatsoever just call us and we would do an amazing make over for you. Enter Job Details

Tile installation and repair:

Unlike carpet and wood, tile is water resistant and very easy to clean. We have tools and expertise to install tile floor throughout your entire kitchen or even any part of your home. Enter Job Details