About Us

Guaranteed Safe Solution to Your Home Maintenance and Repair Needs

Oviedo Handyman offers a wide range of solutions for your home repair and maintenance needs. Their fully insured, uniformed technicians,are only one call away. They arrive with a mark van, in uniform, and on time with all the tools that they would need to do their job right. The technicians of Oviedo Handyman are highly skilled craftsmen who has an average of 10 years in experience. We are not just home repair specialists, we also specialize in improvement. Oviedo Handyman is known for the top quality and professional workmanship that you can rely on to do the job efficiently and correctly.

Oviedo Handyman was founded in 2018 and has already received thousands of customers from all across North America. From customer reviews, here are the reason why our customers recommend Oviedo Handyman to their friends:

  • A single call is equal to the fastest scheduling
  • Our technician arrives right on time
  • Backjob is not necessary because the job is done on the first time
  • Wide variety of services under improvement, repair, and maintenance.
  • Our technicians have an average of 10 years in experience and are also fully insured
  • We handle the clean up
  • We guarantee quality work

Who is Oviedo Handyman?

Oviedo Handyman isn’t some random person who offers home repair services from the back of his pickup truck, we are professional home service consultants who you can trust because we have knowledgeable resources that’s part of the leading national services. Our technicians are well experienced home and improvement craftsmen who are also professional.

Your home is your safe haven, you shouldn’t let in random people into it, and you surely don’t want to spend on services you can’t rely and depend on. When it comes to a professional handyman service provider, you can trust and depend on Oviedo Handyman to do the job right.

We have repeat customers in Oviedo, Winter Springs, and all around Central Florida that love the convenience or working with us and we love improving their home making it safer and more functional. Contact your local Handyman in Oviedo today.